Local Glass Recycling

  • Target Audience

    State of Montana
  • Dates

    October 2008
  • Budget

    A $100,000 grant was received from the State of Montana to purchase the pulverizer. Additional costs associated with running the equipment are included in the budget for the city transfer station.
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Project Goals

  • Provide glass recycling facility for Montana
  • Reuse crushed glass in the local area

Project Description

Livingston is the only city in the state of Montana to own a stationary glass pulverizer.  Residents of Livingston, as well as any outside parties, can bring their glass products to the Public Works building inside the city limits at no charge.  Once the glass has been crushed, the sand is used in a variety of city projects such as landscaping of trails. In addition, residents can purchase the pulverized glass for personal use at $15/ton. MSU students are also saving glass to take to Livingston to turn into crosscrete, a 100% recycled blend of glass and fly ash.  The city of Billings, Yellowstone Park, and participants in Bozeman’s curbside recycling program all bring glass to Livingston to be recycled.

The program has been successful and the pulverizer is used on a regular basis.

Promote the purchase of sand for those who are doing landscaping projects.  Continue to take glass from more areas, and obtain an even bigger glass pulverizer.